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Long Tube Headers:

Since the early days of the first Mustangs back in 1964, enthusiasts have known the proven benefits of performance full length headers for their favorite pony cars. With primary tube lengths of approximately 32" a full length header offers the best performance as well as the largest gains of torque by ensuring that each exhaust pulse exits the exhaust collector in a proper sequence. On factory headers where each tube varies in length, a measurable amount of performance is lost when exhaust pulses are trying to exit the collector at the same time.

Since the late 1980's many of the top Mustang performance brands such as BBK, Ford Racing and JBA have offered a variety of "Long Tube" or "Full Length" headers for Ford's latest generation of 1986 to current Mustang. Some manufacturers like BBK offer these headers for all models and years including the newest V6 Mustangs which respond amazingly well to the longer primary tube lengths and noticeably improved throttle response.

When choosing a long tube or full length header for your favorite Mustang be sure to choose a brand that also offers a direct bolt in matching mid pipe to make installation a breeze and maximize performance. Mid pipes are available in both H & X versions.