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Everyone knows 2011+ Mustangs make plenty of power, but true enthusiasts are always looking for a way to get more. You want to get more power out of your Mustang GT, GT500 or V6 and there’s almost nothing easier than using a Mustang tuner or Mustang chip to add horsepower and torque as well as just tying all of your modifications together. They are a great complement to a cold air intake, exhaust system and other popular mods. Unlock your 2011+ Mustang’s performance potential with a performance power programmer or flash tuner; these are the modern way to tune your Mustang to extract the maximum horsepower and performance possible in a matter of minutes. They are also needed if you change your rear axle gears to a different ratio and if you change wheel and tire size to correct the speedometer. Diablo Sport has the handheld Diablosport Mustang Predator and the Mustang InTune performance flash tuner that has some amazing, unique features. The Trinity is Diablosports top of the line Mustang tuner that comes pre-loaded with multiple tunes, including a cold air tune from some of your favorite manufacturers. Superchips (SCT) chips and tuners use the handheld power flash SF3 and X3 tuners as well as the Livewire. SCT’s innovative ITSX wireless Ford Mustang Flash Tuner wirelessly re-calibrates your 2011+ Mustang’s computer to offer improved horsepower and torque, improve throttle response, improve shifts and even improve gas mileage. The SCT ITSX tuner is all monitored using your Iphone or Ipad and even features on screen virtual monitors, performance tests, 0-60 performance, brake tests, monitor vehicles engine data and much more. Hypertech max energy handheld tuners and Superchips FlashPaq and Cortex tuners also offer a great way to increase performance – each brand has its own special features each standard tuner and programmer is pre-loaded with tunes designed specifically for stock and slightly modified 2011+ Mustangs with cold air kits, exhaust systems, gear ratio changes etc. All performance programmers and tuners can be updated via the internet as manufacturers improve and update their tunes as ongoing R&D takes place.