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There are a number of ways to extract even more horsepower out of your favorite Mustang engine. Brother’s Performance carries a vast selection of engine parts to improve your 2005-10 Mustang’s performance. We have everything from performance camshafts and performance cylinder heads to complete crate engines suitable for street or heavy duty racing engines. Start off with the Ford Racing Performance Parts (FRPP) catalog filled with everything you will need to get the most horsepower out of your S197 Mustang GT or GT500 engine or build a new short block or long block with a stroker kit and a new engine block. High lift performance camshafts and double roller timing chains, Air Flow Research CNC performance aluminum cylinder heads, and other Mustang valvetrain parts for your engine build, as well as valve springs and retainers, push rods and guide plates and low friction 1.7 cobra roller rockers. Ford Racing offers crate engines which are great for retro-fits or simply replacing your tired old engine. Build a new engine by purchasing a Ford Racing engine block and scat crank rotating assembly or purchase pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft separately. We also feature Comp cams competition Ford Mustang camshafts and Air flow research, Edelbrock, AFR and Patriot Performance SBF CNC Ford cylinder heads available in 165cc, 185cc or 225cc. Canton and Moroso allow top of the line lubrication with increased capacity deep sump drag race and road race oil pans, windage trays, high volume oil pumps, driveshafts and oil pickups. One of the best ways to get a few extra ponies on a stock Mustang is to add a set of BBK performance underdrive pulleys available as bolt on or with SFI approved crank dampers. When ever you make engine modifications be sure to use the best in automotive hardware and use ARP bolts, studs and fasteners and mount it all in the chassis with performance urethane or steel engine motor and transmission mounts from Energy.