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A good cooling system will keep your Mustang cool during the hot summer months, which will increase the life of your engine and actually reward you with more power and better performance. Upgraded cooling components, such as a good performance aluminum radiator, silicone hose kit and high flow water pump will work wonders for cooling your high horsepower Mustang or even just replace the old, inefficient stock parts on a mild or totally stock car. Get prepared with a Mishimoto or Fluidyne performance aluminum radiator, specifically designed to keep your Mustang running cooler. Increase the cooling efficiency of your radiator with a larger direct fit high CFM Flex-a-lite or Mishimoto electric fan to flow more air and lower engine coolant temperatures. Increase the flow of water through your Mustang cooling system with a direct fit Mustang Edelbrock or Ford Racing high flow water pump. Replace the radiator cap or install a lower temperature thermostat to keep the coolant flowing through the radiator more, again reducing your Mustangs cooling system temperature. One of the most important things to do is to replace your stock rubber factory hoses with a direct fit Mishimoto or Ford Racing Silicone radiator hose kit. We also carry aluminum coolant expansion tanks and radiator catch cans from Canton Racing and Moroso as well as redline water wetter to reduce your Mustang coolant temperatures even more. Ford Racing or canton Oil coolers and Accu-sumps are another great way to increase your Mustangs engine life and are also reduce engine coolant temperatures on high performance Mustangs.