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Stage 8 Locking Header Bolt Kit (84-95 Corvette OEM) 8907

Stage 8 Locking Header Bolt Kit (84-95 Corvette OEM) 8907


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Part # STG-8907

Stage 8 8907

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  • Put a Stop to Loose Fasteners
  • 12 Bolts with 3/8-16 x 2” Thread Size
  • 12 Point Heads
  • Nickel Plated Steel
  • Complete Set of 12
  • Made In USA
  • Work Smart
    Keep the headers on your Corvette’s engine sealed tight with these Stage 8 locking header bolts. Stage 8's Grade 8 locking header bolts use a patented system that consists of bolts with a 6 point DHH (Double Hex Head) feature a recessed 3/16'' allen head inside the hex head for installation in those tight spots, a retainer, and a snap clip. The retainer fits over the bolt head and locks the bolt against the header tube and the snap clip holds the retainer in place.

    Security Lockdown
    Stage 8 locking header bolts are engineered to keep critical bolted joints tight in the severest operating conditions. Guaranteed not to come loose. Once Stage 8 header bolts are tightened down they won't back out eliminating leakage and blown header gaskets from loose bolts.

    Stage 8 locking header bolts are made from a high quality steel that is nickel plated to resist against rust and corrosion.

    1984-1995 Corvette - specifically designed for the Corvette OEM headers