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Shorty Headers:

The shorty performance headers we're introduced in the late 1980's by companies like BBK and Ford Racing. These headers were all designed to bolt into the stock location and were first made in 1-/1/2" diameters which later trended to the 1-5/8" that are still the most popular to this day. These headers are now available from dozens of manufacturers along with matching mid pipes and some like the ones from BBK are 50-state EPA legal. When choosing the best shorty headers for your Mustang, look to make sure they are produced in the USA, as low quality China produced copies have flooded the marketplace in recent years. On early 1986-93 models you can expect gains of 6-10 rear wheel horsepower with larger gains of 10-14HP typically seen on the higher output new model Mustang. In recent years we have also seen a large following of BBK's V6 Tuned Length headers as they will add over 14 rear wheel horsepower to Fords potent 3.7L and are also 50 state EPA legal. You can plan on a 2-3 hours with basic hand tools for installation of most shorty performance headers.

Equal Length Shorty Headers:

Back in the late 1980's BBK began playing with what they called "Equal Length" design headers which were then introduced by other early Mustang brands such as Mac and Bassani. These headers utilize multiple bends and a unique design to make the primary tubes as equal to each other in length as possible, thus giving horsepower gains close to a true full length header while allowing packaging with the stock or aftermarket mid pipes. Expect gains of 8-12 rear wheel horsepower for the 1986-93 models with larger gains on the higher output later models. As with the other Mustang aftermarket headers look for USA built construction as there are a few China produced low quality versions still being sold in the marketplace.

As one of the originators and known for there high quality USA built construction the BBK Equal Length headers continues to be the market leader as they come in a standard chrome or optional polished ceramic finish and are also 50-state EPA legal for all model years making them a smog legal bolt on in any state. Brothers performance stocks all the top quality brands of Mustang headers and also stocks the matching X & H design mid pipes as well as a variety of performance axle & cat back systems. As clearances are a little tighter than with shorty models, expect around 3-4 hrs for installation times on the equal length headers.