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Car manufacturers, including Ford, have known for many years that synthetic lubricants offer better engine and gearbox protection over any mineral based lubricant. Full Synthetic base stock motor oils and lubricants like those from Red Line offer a number of advantages over mineral oil lubricants including better lubrication throughout all temperature ranges, hot and cold, while offering substantially extended drain change intervals. Change your 2011+ Mustang engine oil every 10,000 miles now with synthetic motor oil instead of 3-5,000 miles with conventional engine oil. Another big advantage of putting synthetic oils and lubricants in your 2011+ Mustang V6, GT or GT500 is improved fuel economy longer Mustang engine and transmission life. Buy your Red Line synthetic motor oils and transmission fluids for your next Mustang oil change here. While you’re at it don’t forget we also offer rear axle gear oil friction modifiers, synthetic fuel system cleaner, GM Synchromesh transmission fluid and even Redline Water Wetter radiator coolant additive to keep your coolant temperatures even lower than conventional coolant.

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