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Brothers Performance offers a huge selection of gaskets for your 1999-04 Mustang. We have everything from header gaskets to head gaskets from some of the best performance gasket manufacturers in the business, like Fel Pro and Mr. Gasket. Oil drips, rough idle, vacuum leaks, water and steam in your 1999-04 Ford Mustang tailpipe are all signs that you have a potential gasket problem. Seal those parts right once and for all. Here we have a large selection of quality gaskets and seals that are available to fit all “New Edge” SN95 Ford Mustang engines. We offer a large selection of Mustang cylinder head gaskets and head swap gasket kits and upper and lower Intake plenum manifold gaskets. When doing a head swap, remember to buy new large port lower intake gaskets - a must to ensure optimum airflow. Mustang exhaust header gaskets for shorty and long tube headers, Mustang timing cover gaskets, oil pan gaskets, as well as replacement throttle body, water pump, thermostat housing and valve cover gaskets for every Ford Mustang engine project. If you are replacing a clutch be sure to replace the rear main seal as they are notorious for failure. Same goes for the front main seal when replacing or removing the engine damper. All of our Mustang gaskets and seals are manufactured with the best materials to ensure a leak-free, worry-free seal every time.