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JMS BoostMax Performance Enhancer (15-19 Mustang EcoBoost)

JMS BoostMax Performance Enhancer (15-19 Mustang EcoBoost)


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Part # JMS-BX600023VR

JMS BX600023

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  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Significantly increases horsepower and torque
  • Adds up to 5psi of extra boost
  • Eliminates turbo lag and increases acceleration
  • Works with stock or tuned ECU
  • Remote adjustment knob allows precise boost enhancement setting
  • Gains of 30+ horsepower and 50 ft. lbs. of torque are typical
  • True Plug and Play Performance
    JMS BoostMax is the industry's first and only complete plug and play performance solution for the 2015-2019 EcoBoost Mustang. BoostMAX is easy to install plugs in-line using the vehicle's factory wiring connectors and harnesses and provides a huge improvement in power and torque from low-end through top-end.

    How It Works:
    BoostMAX relies heavily on the OEM electronics, specifically the factory wideband O2 and the knock sensors. The factory electronics can compensate for additional airflow and boost by as much as 40 percent. BoostMAX capitalizes on the flexibility of the factory control system to increase performance in a safe and effective manner. The factory ECU looks at Manifold Pressure and Throttle Inlet Pressure sensors and uses that data to control boost pressure from the turbo. As BoostMax adds additional airflow the factory wideband O2 sensor instantly sees the increase in airflow and the compensates with additional fuel. At the same time the knock sensors are monitoring for signs of pre-ignition and they instantly adjust ignition timing to match.

    Dyno Results
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    Modifies Spark Timing and Air/Fuel Ratios
    EcoBoost Mustang engines are the powertrain of the future for the majority of Ford's global vehicle platforms. As with most cars trucks and SUVs Ford leaves a little performance and power on the table when it comes to engine calibrations. JMS BoostMax is designed to capitalize on EcoBoost engine technology through the use of digital electronics and OEM sensors that control spark timing and fuel providing significant improvements in overall performance.

    Warranty Friendly
    This first-of-its-kind digital microprocessor-controlled device incorporates a warranty-friendly theme through its simple plug and play design that allows for easy installation and removal. BoostMax connects to the factory MAP and TIP sensors using OEM connectors and is controlled via the accelerator pedal position sensor to allow for on-demand increases in low-end mid-range and top-end power and torque.

    Stackable with Tuners
    Other extended BoostMax benefits include reported fuel economy increase warranty-friendly installation advanced user control via the optional in-cabin control knob and the device requires no aftermarket OBD-II tuning or programming. This innovative product can also be stacked or used in conjunction with common aftermarket OBD-II programmers and monitors such as SCT Bully Dog Diablosport Hypertech Superchips Edge and other manufacturers’ products.

    Stacks With PedalMax
    BoostMax can also be stacked in-line with the JMS PedalMax to further heighten the driving experience by improving all-around throttle response while further enhancing low and mid-range torque. Additionally testing performed through a range of private individuals has shown an improvement of 5% or more in fuel economy while the device was set to a lower performance setting via the included de-sensitizing plug. The de-sensitizing plug also allows the use of 87 octane fuel.

    Improves Driving Experience
    The JMS BoostMax features exclusive JMS digital technology housed in a proprietary sealed enclosure and comes complete with plug and play wiring harness using OEM connectors for quick installation. The complete system is designed to be used on 2015-2019 EcoBoost-powered Mustang and will improve your overall driving experience significantly while adding a welcomed and healthy increase in horsepower and torque.

    2015-2019 Ford Mustang
    Does NOT fit Focus RS. See BX600023V2.


    Trustme2x@ 10/23/2016
    Whole new animal, pulls through full RMP range I just installed this on my 2016 EB. Now it is a totally different animal, at 100% boost comes online faster and the car pulls all the way through the RPM range doesn't fall off at all. You can definitely feel the difference as it pushes you back in the seat. Now I need to run it down the track to see what it will do. Brothers has excellent Customer Service will definitely do business with these fine gentlemen again.

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