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Accel Extreme 9000 8mm Ceramic Spark Plug Wires (94-96 Corvette) 9036

Accel Extreme 9000 8mm Ceramic Spark Plug Wires (94-96 Corvette) 9036


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Accel 9036

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  • Low Resistance 8mm Diameter Ferro-Spiral Core Wire
  • Silicone Jackets Withstand Up to 600˚F
  • Spark Plug Boots Withstand Up to 2000˚F
  • Superior EMI/RFI Suppression
  • High-Density High-Temperature High-Durometer Silicone Insulation
  • Copper-Nickel Alloy Conductor
  • Improve Performance
    Improve your 1994-96 Corvette's performance with these black Accel 8mm spark plug wires. These Accel Extreme 9000 Ferro-Spiral heat-reflective wire sets create an ultra high-temperature barrier that acts as a heat mirror keeping your spark plug boots in great shape for years to come. Accel Extreme 9000 Ferro-Spiral spark plug wire sets can withstand up to 1000 degree F heat from an exhaust manifold only 1/2 in. away from the boot. The 8mm size and the fact that they're spiral-wound wires mean that you'll get a reliable spark without the radio noise.

    Accel spark plug wires are a direct fit on your 1994-96 Corvette. No cutting or bending of the plug boot is necessary for installation. The spark plug wires feature a spiral core conductor that is protected by a black silicone jacket.

    1994-96 Corvette LT1