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Improving the spark delivery to maximize the combustion in your 1979-93 Ford Mustang engine depends on a good reliable ignition system. Don’t let the fire go out in your Fox body Mustang, especially if you have done a lot of modifications. Don’t forget you will typically get better MPG from your favorite Mustang by replacing old, tired ignition components - especially on older cars. We carry everything you need to complete your high performance ignition system as well as a high performance starter or alternator. Any 1979-93 Mustang engine tune-up should always include a new set of performance spark plugs. We also stock a wide variety of ignition parts for all generations of Mustang, including distributor cap and rotor, spark plug wires and performance ignition coil to help you get maximum performance and MPG possible. We are authorized distributors for some of the best manufacturers in the after market ignition business – MSD, Accel, Ford Racing, Moroso, Taylor Ignition Wires and don’t forget PA Performance Mustang starter motors and alternators to keep your battery charged and your Mustang’s engine cranking. If you want to get the most horsepower out of your Mustang make sure to have the best ignition components. High voltage sparks are delivered with performance MSD blaster ignition coils, coil on plugs (COP) for improved spark and more power. MSD Pro billet distributors and performance MSD 6AL ignition boxes are needed to get the highest voltage spark to the combustion chamber by way of low resistance Mustang ignition wires to obtain the maximum horsepower and overall performance potential of any engine – especially when running any nitrous oxide system or a Mustang supercharger where the boost is turned up for maximum horsepower. Keep the fire lit with a high performance ignition system from Brothers Performance.