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Diablosport Predator 2 Platinum Tuner (99-19 Camaro, Corvette V8)

Diablosport Predator 2 Platinum Tuner (99-19 Camaro, Corvette V8)


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DiabloSport 7210

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  • Reprogram Your Computer for Maximum Performance in Just Minutes
  • Supports Custom Tuning (Not CARB Legal)
  • Numerous User-Adjustable Options
  • Easily Updateable Online
  • 2019 Model is Currently Custom Tuning Only
  • Flash a Performance Tune in Minutes
    Significantly increase your 1999-2019 Camaro V8's performance with this DiabloSport Predator 2 Tuner. The DiabloSport Predator 2 Tuner allows you to quickly flash a performance tune and clear trouble codes. It has easy to use menus and a high clarity screen to make it very user friendly. This tuner typically adds 25 Horsepower and 35 ft/lbs of torque.

    Data Logging & User Adjustable Options
    Diablosport Predator 2 also allows you to data log a huge number of values and download or live stream right to your PC. Predator 2 can also tweak your tune to remove your top speed limiter, adjust your cooling fan on/off temps, or even set up your Camaro's speedometer and shift points for an aftermarket gear swap. Combined with the power gains with the Diablo tune's crisp, performance style shifts and you'll really wake up the performance of your Camaro.

    Custom Tuning Support
    The major difference with the Platinum Predator 2 Camaro Tuner from the standard model is that it supports custom tunes. It still comes pre-loaded with Diablosport's proven "canned" tunes but will also allow you to use custom files from Diabloport's large network of custom tuners, or if you have their Chip Master Revolution software you can tune it yourself. The only trade-off is that this model is NOT emissions legal for use on the street, only racing and other forms of competition.

      Additional Features
    • Performance programs add horsepower and economy
    • User-adjustable options like tire size, gears, shifting and more
    • Includes custom tunes for popular cold air intakes
    • High speed OBD-II data logging
    • Reads and clears diagnostic codes
    • USB for updates and downloads
    • Saves stock tune and can easily restore the vehicle back to factory settings

    1999-2018 Camaro 5.7 LS1 or 6.2L LS3 V8
    1999-2019 Corvette 6.2L LS3 or 7.0L LS7 V8 (2019 Model is Currently Custom Tuning Only)