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Pypes Stainless Steel Shorty Headers (05-10 Mustang V6)

Pypes Stainless Steel Shorty Headers (05-10 Mustang V6)


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Part # PYP-HDR56S

Pypes Exhaust HDR56S

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  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Polished Finish
  • Short Tube Headers
  • 1/58" Primary
  • Mandrel Bent Tubing
  • Increase Horsepower
  • Gaskets Included
  • Hardware Included
  • Increase the performance of your 2005-10 Mustang V6 with these Pypes stainless steel shorty headers. Pypes shorty headers will increase your exhaust flow giving you additional horsepower and torque. These headers will also give your Mustang a great exhaust growl.

    Pypes designed these headers with 304 stainless steel mandrel bent tubing. The stainless steel tubing helps prevent rust and corrosion giving your headers a long lasting life. Mandrel bent tubing is used to help increase exhaust flow for increased power.

    These headers come complete with new high quality 1 piece gaskets and grade 8 hardware. Pypes headers are a direct fit and can bolt to the factory or any aftermarket mid pipe.


    Piere 6/3/2015
    There great! Purchased and installed the Pypes cat back system about 2 yrs ago. With the help of a friend we installed them with the car on jack stands. Working on the floor we were able to make all measurements and cuts without too much trouble. Everything went well, no fiddling with brackets and such. Although the muffler mounts were somewhat difficult to reach because of factory placement of the brackets and lining up of the bolts, but it got done. Cutting the left side of the rear valance for the muffler outlet came out perfect. Just for the possibility that a clamp may loosen or a pipe separate, really not much of a chance of that happening, I drove the car to a local muffler shop and had the joints tack welded. The muffler tech. was surprised that two 69 year old's did the job on the floor. He get's a lot of people come in to have their system installed by him. I can't see why anyone would not install a set of these on their car. Gas mileage and power went up enough to feel it in your pants.. My wife driving back from northern Calif. got over 35 mpg. I haven't got to that point yet, too much of a lead foot I guess. A set of headers would really be a nice addition, some day, we'll see. Also have a BBK cold air inlet with no tune and the harmonics from them are still great. If you do a lot of highway driving you may want to go with the mid muffler style, to cut down on the drown that the rear mufflers and the CAI give or maybe not because it sounds great too. You'll see a lot of heads turning when they watch all the Fords go by.

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